Writing Drills

Drilling is the best way to improve a skill. In this section of my website, I will post the drills that I do during the week to help me develop my "writing muscles". Some of these drills are activities I've seen done by others, and some are ideas I've come up with myself to work on my weaker areas. If you see an idea you like, feel free to give it a shot yourself! -HT

Aug 3, 2021

Poetry Work Drill: Objects

For this drill, I choose any object and try to write a poem about it. I complete this drill with two to three different objects each time. Sometimes, the poem is about the

Jul 25, 2021

2 Minute Mystery Drill

Drill: Write a scene from a mystery story. I usually do this drill at least once a week. Sometimes the scenes are relatively long, sometimes they are shorter. The example below is a