August 3, 2021

Poetry Work Drill: Objects

For this drill, I choose any object and try to write a poem about it. I complete this drill with two to three different objects each time. Sometimes, the poem is about the object itself, while other times the object is a simile or metaphor to something else. I try to focus on different aspects of poetry each time I practice this activity. Some areas I work on are: descriptive words, rhyme scheme, rhythm, etc. Most of these drills do not create nice, polished works, as you can see with the example below. However, every once in awhile I'll write something that I choose to refine and add to my list of poems. Feel free to give this one a try!

Object 1: An eye

Sun reflects off the wristwatch

As if it were an eye

Staring back at me.

It reminds me of my secrets

Whispers, “I see you

In the night”.

The pupil’s a flash of white light

The iris a velvet black

The silver veins of numbers

Holds it all intact.

The time ticks back in rhythm

So constant in my ear

As I brace for impact

Tell the story they want to hear.