July 25, 2021

2 Minute Mystery Drill

Drill: Write a scene from a mystery story. I usually do this drill at least once a week. Sometimes the scenes are relatively long, sometimes they are shorter. The example below is a shorter scene. The goal I make for myself is to write two to three different mystery scenes when I am practicing this drill, so that I'm focusing on writing different points of view and characters.

Here's an example:

  1. She walks into the kitchen, headphones still blaring from her run. She can’t wait to take a shower, the humidity outside making her sweat stick to her in a thick, salty coat. She throws the keys to her two bedroom condo onto a stack of magazines and paystubs collecting on her granite countertops. As the country song pulsing through her ears comes to an end, she walks towards her bedroom, anticipating the refreshingly cold stream of water her shower would bring. As she nears the master bedroom’s door frame, something catches her eye. On the loveseat she had eagerly placed in the hall outside her bedroom when she had moved in three months ago, a single turquoise origami dove stood upright. As her gaze fixed on the dove, she felt her blood run cold with fear.